A man and his wife travel the world.

Mexico: the best 25 pictures»

It wasn’t all language schools and driving, you know. Mexico’s beautiful, and these are my favourite shots of about two months in the country. Click here for the slideshow goodness.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico, and the end of Mexico»

After more than six weeks in Mexico - a fabulous country to which you should immediately buy airline tickets - we were headed south and east on the final leg of our trip. Ahead of us, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, but first, the painful necessities of insurance and border preparation. What is there to do in a dusty Mexican border town? Click here to find out.

Oaxaca, Mexico»

Out of Mexico, into Oaxaca. Once again, we get “hilariously” lost and test out our mediocre Spanish on underserving locals. Also: the best language school in Mexico, the most welcoming B&B, and what do tarantulas like to do when it’s cold? Get sociable with people, of course. Click here to real all.

Mexico City, Mexico»

The world’s largest, and some would say, most dangerous city on Earth is in Mexico. We visited and mostly were at risk from dying of hypothermia, because what no-one tells you is that it gets pretty nippy in the winter. Click here to see what you should do if you ever get there, and to read an account of what will happen if you’re fool enough to drive there.

How to cross the Mexican border»

Bit of a break there, eh? Anyway, if you’re driving from the US into Mexico, this is what you need to know about the potentially-tricky border crossing. Also, the best hotel in Acapulco, a very weird Christmas, and the reason that pleasant holidays make for terrible travel writing. Not that there’s any in here.

The Grand Canyon, USA»

A day peering down things might not sound great, but when it’s the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon you’ll make allowances. Click here to find out where to go, where to stay, and whether you can camp there in December. HINT: you can’t. Not without freezing.

Las Vegas, USA (+ video)»

Fancy seeing some boobies and losing some/a lot of money? Visit Vegas and you can accomplish these things, often at the same time and without leaving your over-oxygenated hotel room. Also: this may be the only city in the world where you’ll be offered money in return for wanking. Click here to find out how.

Utah, USA (+ video)»

Settled by Mormons, populated by rocks. I always assumed Utah would be more boring than Nebraska, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Click here to see why the Mormon state should be your next holiday.

Nebraska and Colorado, US (+ video)»

Oh, hey. What’s the best thing to do to a three-day old car? That’s right, bang it into something, making sure to leave lots of expensive-looking damage. Click here to find out why we spent quite a lot of our time in Colorado trawling around junk yards.

Iowa, USA (+ video)»

It’s the dullest title of a blog post ever, but still, someone has to document driving across Iowa. On the way, snow, more snow, and the World’s Biggest Truckstop. Apparently people like pulling over at truckstops because of the food. Click here to find out if it’s true.

How to buy a car in Illinois»

We give up on buses, trains and planes, and buy ourselves some wheels. If you want to buy a car in the United States, here’s what you need to know. Hint: there’s some very bad news coming up for non-Americans. Click here to see what.

Hawaii the second (+video)»

A warning for people who don’t like Lost: you might want to avoid the video. Otherwise, it was all beaches, turtles and murderous traffic as we waved goodbye to Hawaii. Click here to see how we got on.

Hawaii the first (+ video)»

Leg two begins. We leave Sydney, taking time to appreciate the wonders of a full-service airline, and arrive in Hawaii, where the girls hula, the skirts are made of grass, and the turtles are gregarious. Click here to find out what to do on the Big Island.

Sydney, Australia»

Fin: the second leg of the trip comes to an end. What do we think of Sydney, and how many people died during the building of the Harbour Bridge? Click here to find out.

New Zealand: the 31 best pictures»

All finished, then. Three and a half weeks in New Zealand really isn’t enough, but we gave it a decent stab, clambering over glaciers, flying in terrifyingly small planes, and jumping out of them. We took nearly two thousand pictures: see the best of them by clicking here.

Dunedin and Christchurch, New Zealand»

Three weeks to visit New Zealand is not enough, but we gave it a pretty good shot. On our last day we rolled down the steepest street in the world, regarded penguins, and visited New Zealand’s tallest peak. Click here to see why we’re already planning a return trip.

Queenstown and Milford Sound, New Zealand»

What’s the coldest you’ve ever been? Take that and minus twelve, then place yourself in a tent wearing everything you packed. Also: we fly on New Zealand’s most spectacular air route. Click here for more.

Franz Josef to Queenstown, New Zealand»

Our crampons safely back in their boxes, we leave the Fox Glacier and head to New Zealand’s tourist mecca, Queenstown. Ahead of us: a day of the best roads the world has to offer. Click here for more.

The South Island and Fox Glacier, New Zealand»

We enjoy some thoroughly cold camping on New Zealand’s west coast, and go hiking over a glacier. See how many ankles we broke by clicking here.

Snowboarding in Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand»

We head to one of New Zealand’s most famous ski resorts, and monopolise a friend’s house in the name of getting out of our tent. Click here to see how we got on.

Skydiving, New Zealand (+ video)»

It’s a little known fact that if you visit New Zealand and try to leave without going sky-diving, they shoot you at the airport. That’s a FACT. So we - voluntarily - strapped ourselves to professional maniacs and discovered just how much damage you can do from twelve thousand feet. Click here to find out.

Waitomo caves, New Zealand»

Ever seen a rabbit being shaved? We hadn’t either until we went to Waitomo. Also: we give abseiling a try not once, but twice, in the name of glowworm spotting. Click here to see if it gets less scary the second time.

The Kauri Tree Museum and Russell, New Zealand»

We head north from Auckland, stopping for Brobdingnagian scones and a tree museum. Click here to see if Joni Mitchell is a reliable source for admission prices, and to find out what’s so interesting about a flag pole.

Auckland, New Zealand»

After three months and three thousand kilometres, we get out of Australia and head to the world’s most under-rated country. Ahead of us, a knackered rental car with dodgy brakes, conspiracy-theorists and enough film locations to sink a battleship. Click here to see how we got on.

Airlie Beach to Cairns, Australia»

We save all the life-endangering drama of our epic 3,000km trip for the last day. Click here to find out what got killed and whether we’ve still got all our bits. Also: why “Dive” may be less a tourist activity and more a beginner’s guide to hostels in Cairns.

The Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia»

Snorkelling, you say? Apparently you can do it in Australia. We throw caution to the wind and board yet another boat, hoping for less of a disaster than we got last time. And the time before that. And the time before that. Click here to find out when we’ll learn.

Rockhampton, Australia»

We leave Fraser Island and arrive somewhere where the Subway staff are testy, the shops are closed and the sweets will pull your teeth apart. How much will dental work in Australia set you back? Click here to find out.

Fraser Island, Australia»

From Byron Bay we headed to Brisbane. We did an unintentional and bewildering lap of the city, before being abruptly spat out in the direction we’d come from. From there we spent a rather miserable two hours touring Brisbane’s picturesque suburbs before we finally hit our campsite.
Which was full, so we drove another forty kilometres [...]

Byron Bay, Australia»

We fire ourselves out of Port Macquarie and visit Byron Bay, home of… Byron? Also, click here to see just how well the Australians do camping.

Sydney to Port Macquarie, Australia»

We get out of Sydney, quit our jobs (um, again) and head north. And north, and north. See how the first leg of our epic tour of Australia’s eastern coast went by clicking here.